Elderborn – startet demnächst in den Early-Access

Das Team rund um den Entwickler Hyperstrange, will seinen skillbasierten Hardcore First Person Slasher Elderborn bald auf Steam bringen. Das Spiel schickt euch durch Aktion geladene Dungeons mit teils knackigen Schwierigkeitsgrad. Inspiration fand man dabei bei diversen Dungeon Crawler Klassiker aus der Ego Perspektive. Elderborn soll ab dem 11. Oktober über Steam Early Access verfügbar sein.

You will „love“ Elderborn if:

  • you’re a sucker for skill-based melee combat and a subscriber of the GIT GUD philosophy of gaming
  • you’re sick of procedurally-generated content and for a change you would like to explore extensive, hand-designed, devious dungeons
  • you feel that ending a life of an enemy with a well-placed kick is something that’s been missing from your life
  • you always wanted to find out how DOOM would feel if it had swords and a warhammer instead of guns
  • you miss the old-school feel of a game that does not hold your hand
  • you pray at the altars of Dio, Lemmy and other mighty Gods of Metal“

Quelle(n): Steam, Hyperstrange