Jagged Alliance: Back in Action – Major Update

Das „Major Update“ zu Jagged Alliance: Back in Action birgt zahlreiche Verbesserungen – was das im Einzelnen bedeutet, darüber gibt das Changelog Aufschluss:


General Bugfixes

–          Fixed some enemy using wrong combination of pants and shoe meshes

–          Fixed Sightcones not being cleared properly when leaving a level

–          Fixed Sightcones displayed in wrong direction when moving in command mode

–          Shader bug fixed that caused incorrectly colored objects

–          Fixed bug where tank had impact on performance

–          Fixed smoke grenade (blocking sight and its visual effect duration were slightly different)

–          Fixed bug where recruitable PCs like Ira became not recruitable after leaving the map

–          Fixed bug where AI coud become unalterted again after saving & loading


–          Added additional Weapon and Ammo IDs

–          Sight distances made more easy to modify

–          Noise made more easy to modify


–          Fixed bug where „She’s dead, Enrico“ achievement would not unlock correctly

–          Collect achievements are not anymore received when game has been modified

Visuals and Graphics Options added

–          Launcher does not anymore check for vertex shader texture fetch, prohibiting older cards to start the game although they feature SM 3.0

–          Added Distance based culling for small objects

–          Added „Very High“ terrain quality option in ingame menu

–          Added View Distance as option in ingame menu (determines distance fog position)

Gameplay Fixes and Changes

–          Civilians and potential militia recruits do not trigger mines anymore

–          Children will try to maintain a minimum distance from player characters to ensure they do not clog doors or passages when following the player around the map

–          Noise perception influenced by objects that cover the origin of the sound

–          Enemy perception tweaked, enemies can now see and hear slightly better which will make it more likely that they use their weapon range to full extend (e.g. enemies with rifles will open fire from a greater distance)

–          Enemy sight cones in 2D displays in addition to 3D Cone to make more clear what an enemy can see and to make lag of 3d cone calculation on slower machines more bearable

–          Durability of clothing or items worn is only reduced when they actually prevented damage

–          Armor is reduced only by 10% for each time it can fully prevent its protection value (e.g. if armor can potentially prevent 30 damage and only prevents 15 damage since it is hit in an already existing weak spot its durability is only reduced by 5%)

–          Stamina is not reduced anymore when the whole map belongs to the player (all enemies are killed)

–          Bobby Ray‘s Inventory only restocks after 3 days

–          Bobby Ray’s express delivery now takes 24 hours, standard delivery takes 48 hours

–          Laserpointer attachments reduce time to aim

–          When a merc is hit while aiming the time to aim is reduced in relation to the damage received

–          Targeting has several points of origin to become more flexible, further reduced chance of a small objects preventing a shot

–          Picking improved, should be easier to select body zones when targeting

–          Militia is always on the map even if the map still belongs to the enemy and can be recruited directly after liberating a map

–          Reloading always reduces the smallest stack of ammo in the inventory to ensure that inventory space is cleared more quickly

–          World Map: Travel speed is reduced when stamina is low

–          World Map: Squads are forced to rest when stamina is close to 0 stamina to prevent squads reaching their target location with 0 stamina

–          Explosives Skill also influences time for grenades to detonate after being thrown (e.g. a merc with higher explosive skill will “cook” grenades longer before throwing them so they explode more closely to their impact on the ground)


–          SHIFT+ RIGHT CLICK on target orders merc to repeat the attack until the target is dead

–          Merc names are displayed on mouse over

–          Time to shoot is displayed as a countdown on each merc when attacking to make it more transparent that a merc is actually trying to shoot and how long it will take the merc to fire his shot

–          Closing the inventory when a merc has been selected who is currently selectable in game will not reset selection to previous merc

–          Added „Loot All“ Button in loot UI

–          Added “Select Whole Squad” Button to Squad name

–          Minimap: Left Click jumps camera to cursor position

–          Minimap: Right Click orders selected merc(s) to move to cursor position

–          Worldmap: Added „Enter Map“ Button to Squad UI to allow “fast travel” via the world map to be more flexible (e.g. player can also enter a map outside a combat zone)

–          Worldmap: Clicking enemy squad displays level of squad members to allow the player to make a more educated guess on wheter or not he should intercept the squad or leave the defense to militia

–          Worldmap: Squad UI displays slowdown or resting via status icon


–          Sound played after last enemy on map has been killed


–          Added translations for new features

–          Further improvements to targeting enemy body zones with the cursor

–          Fixed bug where wounds would result in mercs not being able to recover stamina anymore

–          Fixed some recruitable characters not displaying legs when their pants were removed

–          Grenade launcher now launches grenades instead of shooting them in a direct path

–          40mm grenades added to be used by Grenade Launcher

–          Color of line drawn to target now indicates ideal distance for shooting target (green = ideal)

–          Changed melee base damage to prevent some melee focused mercs from one hitting enemies of level 3 and above

–          Fixed bug where tanks could not be hit with rockets fired from rocket launcher

–          Fixed unreachable enemy spawn position on map Overland11

–          Open or closed state for all doors in Drassen Airport are saved now

–          Fixed explosive spot in Alma prison on which wall was not correctly removed on both sided